Life - Endorsed by SC Citizens for Life

States should lead the fight to challenge Roe vs. Wade and protect the sanctity of life. I will continue to lead the fight in Columbia with Personhood legislation. In addition to legislation that I’ve introduced, I’ve spoken on this issue multiple times in the Senate – see a video on our home page. 

Religious Liberty

The constitution protects freedom of religion. We should not have to abandon our core beliefs to run a business or engage in the public square.

Second Amendment - NRA Endorsed

I will defend our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. An armed citizenry is a deterrent to crime and tyranny.


To address South Carolina’s crumbling infrastructure properly, we must begin with making the Department of Transportation a cabinet level agency.

Business - Endorsed by SC Chamber of Commerce

As a small business owner, I support free market policies that provide a level playing field, encourage economic growth, and minimize paperwork and unnecessary regulations.


I believe in secure borders, the rule of law, and limited immigration that is integrated with national security concerns.

Click here to search for any bills related to these issues that Senator Cash has sponsored.

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