Legislative Activities

Read below to see some of the legislation that I’ve been involved with recently! You can search for any additional bills that I’ve sponsored or co-sponsored by clicking here

Sponsored Legislation

S0485: Personhood Act

I wrote and introduced this bill to protect unborn life beginning at conception. Click here to learn more. 

S0293: Church Armed Security Option

This bill, which passed the Senate unanimously, allows CWP holders to carry weapons on school property leased by a church during church services with permission of the church. Click here to learn more. 

S0944: Term Limits 

This bill would allow a public referendum to amend the SC Constitution to permit the General Assembly to enact term limits for members of the House and Senate by law.  Click here to learn more. 

S1087: Interscholastic Activities

This bill would amend SC code to require that a student’s participation on a high school sports team be in accordance with their biological sex. Click here to learn more.

S1214: Reopen Resolution

This resolution requests the Governor to reopen non-essential businesses and allow people to gather in groups of three or more. Click here to learn more.

S1201: Rule of Law Resolution

The Senate voted to pass this resolution, which affirms the meaning of SC code: the Governor must receive legislative consent to extend a State of Emergency beyond 15 days, and the Governor may not issue consecutive State of Emergency orders revolving around the same situation in order to bypass legislative consent. Click here to learn more.

S1137: Maternal and Newborn Emergency Access Act

This bill would allow licensed midwives and birthing centers to have streamlined access to emergency services when a newborn is in distress or an emergency situation exists for a woman in labor. Click here to learn more.

S0648: Fetal Remains Bill

 I introduced this bill to prevent the remains of aborted babies from being used unethically for research and experimentation. Click here to learn more.

Co-sponsored Legislation

S461: Income Tax Deductions

This bill would increase income tax deductions for “certain firefighters, law enforcement officials, and members of the State Guard.” Click here to learn more.


S1076: Broadband Accessibility Act

This bill would increase broadband access for rural areas. Click here to learn more.

S890: Appropriations Transparency

This bill would require appropriations requests to be clearly identified along with the legislator making the request. Click here to learn more.

S389: Registration by Party

I co-sponsored this bill, which would require a voter to be registered with a party in order to vote in that party’s primary elections or advisory referendums. Click here to learn more.

S1071: Firefighter Cancer Health Care Benefit Plan

This bill, which passed the Senate and awaits approval from the House, provides a “supplemental insurance policy,” for firefighters diagnosed with job-related cancer. Click here to learn more.  

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